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Jade Sound Systems has been continuously associated with Visionaries and also Lynne’s previous company BASS for over twenty years.

In anybody’s language, thats a very long time to have a continuous business relationship these days. And the reason is that Lynne and her Staff have always provided good products, excellent support and competent service in all manner of software and hardware support and in a very friendly and professional manner.
Always willing to go the extra mile to do things right.

The amount of awards and recognition that Visionaries continued to amass over the years is astounding.

I am always very happy to recommend Lynne and her company to anybody wanting good software programs and a great team of people to do their support. Joe Bonich

Managing Director, Jade Sound Systems P/L

On the strength of a referral from another happy Visionaries customer, the M.D of Geelong Medical Supplies made the call which would soon result in great improvements to the business.

The back up and support that we receive from Visionaries has been second to none. No wonder they are called the Wizards with Vision. Mr Noel Ritchie

Managing Director, Geelong Medical Supplies

Kerry Ilic had tried multiple software solutions in their early years, and found Sybiz was the only vendor able to meet their needs.

“I got in contact with Monica over at Visionaries and we had a look at the latest version [of Sybiz Vision]. I hadn’t looked at any of the updates for such a long time. I had no idea where it was at manufacturing wise!”

The expert consultation from an Authorised Sybiz Business Partner provided Kerry the confidence her business needed to move forward with a new business management solution.

“She knows what I mean when I say something, I know what she means when she says something.”

“That’s where the benefit of having someone like Monica coming in and actually knowing what she’s doing, knows accounting and knows how to set up that bookkeeping side of things.”

“I’m so glad someone gets it!”

When the team at Visionaries showed off the native manufacturing capability in Sybiz Vision, combined with the vast operational improvements across the solution, the decision to upgrade was easy.

“[Monica] came out and I had a look and I went, ‘Bingo. Let’s just do it’.”

And thanks to the expertise of Sybiz Authorised Business Partner Visionaries, they experienced an easy transition and a truly personalised solution where it counts. Kerry Ilic

Connect Electronics

Vision has provided a significantly improved method of producing, financial information, which is timely, accurate and reliable.

We contacted Visionaries just after Christmas 2005 and within 48 hours we were in the company boardroom discussing changing to Sybiz. The training time was insignificant given the intuitive design. Within the first few weeks of 2006 we were up and running on the new system.

We also appreciate the ability Visionaries has in logging into our site when we have any concerns.

Sybiz Vision represents significant value for money for medium sized manufacturing companies who don’t need the complexity of other premium accounting packages. Dean Webber

Business Development Manager, iBulk Solutions Pty Ltd

As Office Manager, Lea Paton is responsible for invoicing jobs, paying bills, processing payroll; a range of tasks that require accessibility and flexibility in her business management solution. And while Gearon Civil had previously upgraded to a solution they were told was designed for SMEs, it couldn’t deliver the agility Lea needed for her role.

“I’ve picked up Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay in a couple of weeks. It’s more intuitive, it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.”

Gearon Civil is only just starting to unlock the deeper reporting ability of Sybiz Vision, but they were surprised by the depth of ‘out of the box’ offerings.

Lea was also quick to praise Visionaries for their support and help transitioning to Sybiz solutions.

“They’ve been brilliant. They knew what we’ve been going through.” Lea Patton

Office Manager, Gearon Civil

“Our competitors are getting a little bit more sophisticated, a little bit more professional and are starting to catch up to what we’re doing.”

But, after assessing the market and their own needs, Beretta Australia saw the new Sybiz Vision, combined with Sybiz Visipay to manage payroll, as the solution to carry their business into the future.

Working with Visionaries to create custom grids means no more cutting and pasting, or searching across multiple reports to analyse sets of data.

“They’d actually show me on my computer. After the first two or three they made for me, I started doing it myself.”Beretta Australia and Sybiz Vision

When Beretta Australia needed an eCommerce solution, Visionaries was able to connect them with Systems Practice, a third-party provider and Sybiz Business Partner. Clemente Scribani Rossi

Senior Product Manager, Beretta Australia

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